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We’ve expanded our operations to go above and beyond the production of precast concrete forms. Our growing steel fabrication capabilities means we’re better positioned than ever for continued growth — both for ourselves and our clients.

Concrete remains the world’s most popular building material — as well as one of its oldest. Since ancient times, concrete has been utilized for the construction of magnificent structures — many of which are still standing to this day.

Its use in the precast industry, however, is nothing short of revolutionary, allowing for the continuous creation of customizable, reproducible forms at a fraction of the cost of other building materials.

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Precast Concrete Capabilities and Benefits

We can design, engineer, and produce a wide range of precast concrete products, including specialized forms manufactured specifically for you. Our product selections include grade rings, vault risers, catch basins, and more.


Some of the Benefits

Our precast products are delivered ready to go and can be installed on-site, marking a significant improvement in time and cost over traditional pour-in-place models.

Our ability to customize shapes and sizes makes each job site a puzzle into which we can precisely insert our precast concrete forms.

We can control the process from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Additionally, concrete production remains a sustainable, eco-friendly building solution. Our products come from natural, raw materials, and the forms themselves last quite literally for generations.When you work with Precast Concrete LLC, you get a design partner invested in your project. Together, we will develop a working relationship with productive and responsive feedback informed both by our decades of experience and the particulars of your specific project.

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Steel Fabrication

It’s unusual for concrete contractors to offer steel fabrication as part of their suite of services. But Precast Concrete LLC is not like other concrete contractors.

Our facility in Fife, Washington, includes a separate shop specifically for the fabrication of steel forms designed for the precast concrete industry. This includes customized forms as well as factory mainstays, such as hoppers for belt conveyors.

In our metal fabrication facility, we cut, bend, and assemble metal structures to assist in the further production of concrete forms and products from raw material. Our state-of-the-art CNC plasma machine makes cuts in the steel so precise and with such efficiency, it allows for the fullest expression of both form and function in the metal itself.

Our goal is to be your one-stop solution for precast concrete products, steel fabrication, metal forming, engineering, and design. Our steel fabrication shop is perfectly positioned to support our own precast and prestressed concrete production as well as those of our clients. Together, our precast concrete production and our fab shop will help us create a more durable and efficient future for concrete construction products throughout the region.


Quality. Customizability. Consistency. Choice.

You’ve chosen the right material for the job. Partner with a company that puts it all together for you. With precast concrete and steel fabrication at your disposal, there’s no limit to what we can build together.

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