Built — and building — for the future

Precast Concrete LLC’s evolving lineup of products and services is borne from a demand for construction materials that shows no signs of letting up. That’s good news for American business.

At Precast Concrete LLC, we’re hardwired with the capacity to innovate. It’s in our machinery. It’s evident in our products and services. And it’s in our DNA.

The advantages of working with our team of precast concrete and steel fabrication experts are manifold. Our ability to innovate means we’re also hardwired to deliver quality concrete and steel fabrication products and services in such a way that your success becomes our success.

For concrete producers, builders, mining operations, developers, and fellow precasters — both private and governmental — our special capabilities enable you to stay one step ahead of the competition and at the forefront of precast concrete construction practices. We build for you, and you build for the future.

Precast Concrete Products and Services

At precast concrete, we produce everything from underground utility vaults, catch basins, and drainage structures to special orders designed, engineered, and produced specifically for you and your project’s unique parameters.

For steel fabrication, we harness powerful technologies and wield them with precision to design, engineer, and fabricate metal forms.

On-time and on-demand.

Some of our most popular precast concrete forms can be found here.

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Products Shaped and Strengthened with Cutting-Edge Technology

Precast Concrete LLC works to continually refine our processes so that we can be of better service to the companies with whom we partner. That’s why we build our own equipment in addition to engineering all our own forms. This ensures the quality and consistency of each product through every iteration of our manufacturing workflows.

We choose the material matrix. We reinforce the forms. And when the time comes to pour the concrete, our hands and our machinery are rock steady.

With an in-house staff of 26 concrete and fabrication experts, we’re ready to get started on your project right now. There’s no limit to what you can do with Precast Concrete LLC. If you can imagine it, we can build it. We’re not just your standard concrete precaster; we do so much more.

For mining companies, we build conveyors, hoppers, chutes. For underground utilities, we build vault risers, grade rings, catch basins. All customizable. All reproducible. And at a fraction of the cost of other building materials.

Steel Fabrication Products and Services

We are ramping up our metal fabrication capacity to better serve you. We provide custom rolling — beam, angle, rail; you name it! Plus, we’re capable of a full suite of additional steel fabrication processes: plasma burning, pipe bends, mechanical straightening, and more.

Our Fife, Washington, facility features our own fabrication shop. You won’t need to partner with any other firm in order to get your precast products and services.

And remember: We’re equipped for special orders and accommodations. As we like to say, our equipment is new, and our experience is not.

We’ve been building our business for the better part of three decades. We want you and your project to be a success, and we hope you return to us time and time again for all your precast concrete and steel fabrication needs.

Quality. Customizability. Consistency. Choice.

You’ve chosen the right material for the job. Partner with a company that puts it all together for you. With precast concrete and steel fabrication at your disposal, there’s no limit to what we can build together.

Get your project off the ground!